The Feature Film

Based on the Takhti Cup International wrestling tournament of 1998 in Iran, this drama/thriller follows the journeys of an Iranian and an American wrestling champion, each carrying the weight of their nations on their shoulders. The Americans, who have waged ideological war with this Islamic nation, are about to watch the Star Spangled Banner being raised on Iranian soil, for the first and only time since the Islamic Revolution forced them out of the country some twenty years before. Where foreign policy has failed and a potential war is looming, Pahlavan tells the story of two extraordinary individuals for whom this is more than a match, but a last resort for peace-making.

Pahlavan is a drama that captures the themes of responsibility, pride, sacrifice and peace. It will be shot in English and Farsi with the opposing subtitles when necessary. Even though the film has an art house feel, there is an undertone of the an 80’s blockbuster with the action and an uplifting feel which will make it appeal to a wider audience. References for Pahlavan can be found in the below movies.

The feature film is budgeted to cost approximately GBP £4-5 million, and will take around 12-18 months to produce once the funding is in place and after we’ve locked in the final script in September 2013.